So Last Saturday…

So Last Saturday...

Last Saturday, in our ICS class we had a game and our class was divided into two… there’ll be questions asked and we have to answer it. The fun thing about it is that for every correct answer, you get to choose your score BUT among those choices there’s the so-called ‘wammy’ which is equivalent to -10 on the first round and -50 on the second round and of course it will be added to your score that may cause your total points to drop. Our group always gets the correct answer and fortunately the other group almost defeated us because of that ‘wammy’. Well, in the end, we still won and it is really fun. In our lab class, we were asked to create our desired homepage for the UST website, and as you can see in the photo that’s what I finished :(, I’m still hoping that I’ll improve.


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